Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Family group on holiday

Marjorie, Ernest, Barbara and David Hepworth, c1953, probably at Bispham. This was the slightly more salubrious suburb that was a little bit along the prom from Blackpool. 1953 was the year of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation, which was a huge event, not least because it came after years of war and shortages. That probably accounts for the Union flag.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ernest Hepworth marries Marjorie Rollinson

This is my Mum and Dad on their wedding day. It's in the last year of the war. Dad's older brother Joe (second from left) had just returned from three years spent as a prisoner of war of the Japanese. Mary Stamp, on the far left, was a school friend of Mum's who also did Land Army service with her in Lincolnshire. She died in 2009. On the far right is Freddie Lodge, who married Dad's sister Ruth. Next to him is Dad's older brother Tom.

Granny and Grandad Rollinson

Leonard Rollinson and Lois Taylor - pronounced "loys" in the north at the time - to give them their full names. This was presumably taken at some point in World War I. He was in the army. I don't think he ever went overseas so he presumably didn't see any action. I seem to recall that when I was a kid I used to play soldiers in old items of his uniform, one of which was a cap with a tartan ribbon flying from the back, so presumably he must have ended up in some Scottish regiment. During the first war Lois was one of the hundreds of thousands of women who took on factory jobs. She worked in a fireworks factory which was converted into munitions manufacture for the duration.